Meditation Crescent Cushion
Meditation Crescent Cushion

Meditation Crescent Cushion

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This is what I sit on everyday (well, almost everyday) to gain some clarity before the day starts. For some reason sitting on the ground on this particular cushion and this mat (versus a chair) when meditating helps me to drop in faster. I actually look forward to my morning quiet time because of this super comfortable cushion combo.
  • The Crescent Zafu Cushion Demensions are 22"x16"x4" and the Zabuton Mat demensions are 31"x27"x4".
  • Exclusive double-reinforced outer layers.
  • Fade-resistant natural colors.
  • Superior buckwheat filling for long-lasting comfort.  
  • Machine washable and made for travel.
  • Made for indoor use.

The Awaken Meditation Crescent Cushion and Mat set is the perfect complement for all types and levels of meditation.  

  • This deluxe Zafu and Zabutan set will reduce pressure & stress on joints and the spine enhancing your meditation.
  • Our sturdy, hand-spun cotton covers are zippered and machine washable.
  • Adjustable buckwheat filling comfortably molds to your body. 
  • Hand-Made using all natural, enviormentally conscious materials and dyes.
  • The crescent shape is ideal for those seeking extra support while meditating