Father Up (Dads Group)

Father Up (Dads Group)

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 What’s included in the meetings?

  1. 90 min meetings, twice a month, for 3 months
  2. Helpful handouts and worksheets.
  3. Self-Care Support  (Optional)
    1. Daily or Weekly accountability check-ins of your “upleveling” progress using HabitShare app
    2. If you want help determining what your upleveling regime should be for you I’d love to help with that!
    3. No need to bite off more than you can chew. The key is to start small.

What’s the point of Father Up?
A lot of fathers feel like they need to be around other dads from time to time for a handful of reasons.

  1. Bouncing back and forth between home-life and work-life leaves us feeling flat and isolated.
  2. Being around other men who have a growth-mindset helps us be better and happier.
  3. Having a safe place to share things you’d normally keep bottled up.
  4. Holding one another accountable for things we’d like to improve on.
  5. Sharing our challenges and successes as fathers.
  6. Increasing our perspective on how to best improve our health, business, marriages, parenting abilities.

 The fun part is that all of us are fathers and we get to work at it together.

This Fall 2018 we'll have a Wednesday Group and a Thursday Group.

Wednesday Group
7pm - 8:30pm

  1. Oct. 3 (free, no commitment, info meeting) 
  2. Oct. 17
  3. Oct. 30 (Tuesday)
  4. Nov 14
  5. Nov 28
  6. Dec 19 
Thursday Group
(Mostly Waldorf Fathers)
7pm - 8:30pm
  1. Sept 13 
  2. Sept. 27
  3. Oct. 11
  4. Oct.25
  5. Nov. 8
  6. Nov. 29
(No meeting On Thanksgiving Nov. 22)

Location: 2088 Broadway, Boulder (SE Corner of Spruce and Broadway) On street parking is free after 7pm.

“On their deathbed, men with kids consistently say the most important thing is what they did or didn’t do for their children.....whatever it takes, if you want to be deeply powerful and free, invest your heart in your fathering.” David H. Wagner

If you're interested but not ready to buy, you can contact me at perry@ungloo.com. Thank you!