Triangulator PDF - Cross Examination w/ Believable People

Triangulator PDF - Cross Examination w/ Believable People

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Ray Dalio wrote Principles: Life and Work. In the book he speaks about Triangulation which is another way of saying "cross-examination." His point is that when making a decision it is important to have what he calls "believable" people or groups to weigh in on the issues you might be working on to help you determine the best direction.

Ray points out, "“The greatest tragedy of mankind...if people can separate their attachments for what they have in their heads, and put them out and stress test them properly they will raise their probabilities of being  right. If those people who are independent thinkers are willing to argue with each other and they triangulate and they think you should do something you probably should do it.”

I could not find any materials online and I believe Ray's firm uses an App to help facilitate the triangulation process. I decided to make a form that parents could turn to when they're needing to think something through. Sometimes in the midst of the family or work drama we forget that we have a tribe of individuals we can get input from. 

Check out our Principles for Fathers video that dives into more details.