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Veterans Yoga Project!

Thanks to Ceasar F. Barajas from the Veterans Yoga Project. We're offering 50% off SitBlox for our Veterans to ROCK IT into this New Year. Here's to 2021! Use the coupon code: Vets2021

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I’m having a great time with the blox. The angle on these really makes for an easy adjustment under feet, knees, buttocks and more. I have shared your info with my students, my yoga teaching cohort and the Accessible Yoga Community."

Avery W., Maryland USA

SitBlox help me sit still longer in a more supported and comfortable position. A simple yet effective solution to an age old problem. One of the many challenges with meditation is getting the body to cooperate and be still. Finding a comfortable position helps let the body relax and therefore the mind to hopefully follow. 

Scott S., Colorado USA

I like them! It takes a bit of adjustment but once you get them set up right they’re very comfortable. I really like the customizable knee support—useful in retreats when you’re sitting 5+ hours a day.

Vanessa H., California USA

Introducing The Ungloo Box


Meditate On A Box?

Might sound crazy, but we're breaking the mold. We think meditating cross-legged, upright, with supported back, hips, and knees feels awesome. So, we made the Ungloo Box so you could feel awesome too.

“When we feel swept away by anxiety, being physically close to the ground can be helpful. “
-Tamara Levitt, Head of Mindfulness at the Meditation app, Calm

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