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“When we feel swept away by anxiety, being physically close to the ground can be helpful. “
-Tamara Levitt, Head of Mindfulness at the Meditation app, Calm

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I’m having a great time with the blox. The angle on these really makes for an easy adjustment under feet, knees, buttocks and more. I have shared your info with my students, my yoga teaching cohort and the Accessible Yoga Community."

Avery W., Maryland USA

SitBlox help me sit still longer in a more supported and comfortable position. A simple yet effective solution to an age old problem. One of the many challenges with meditation is getting the body to cooperate and be still. Finding a comfortable position helps let the body relax and therefore the mind to hopefully follow. 

Scott S., Colorado USA

I like them! It takes a bit of adjustment but once you get them set up right they’re very comfortable. I really like the customizable knee support—useful in retreats when you’re sitting 5+ hours a day.

Vanessa H., California USA

Introducing The Ungloo Box


Meditate On A Box?

Might sound crazy, but we're breaking the mold. We think meditating cross-legged, upright, with supported back, hips, and knees feels awesome. So, we made the Ungloo Box so you could feel awesome too.

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